July 16, 2018

N.A. Williams’ Gideon Norris Presents Data Analytics at YANG Leadership Conference

N.A. Williams’ Gideon Norris Presents Data Analytics at YANG Leadership Conference

ATLANTA, Georgia – June 2018 – Gideon Norris, a business analyst for N.A. Williams, was one of the presenters at the recent Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) Leadership Days held last month in Atlanta. Norris’ presentation was entitled “The Emergence of the Young Analytical Sales Professional.”

“During my presentation, I explained that a competency in data analytics is a growing requirement to be a successful manufacturers’ representative,” said Norris. “An area of focus was the under-40 generation and the advantages they have because they have spent all of their lives in a ubiquitous and rapidly-evolving digital age.”

Norris’ presentation discussed how market forces, such as manufacturer and distribution consolidation, have intensified the need for data management skills due to the larger books of business that must be managed. It also focused on how the importance of a proficiency in data analytics and management will be a critical, growing facet of professional relationships.

“For me, the most important aspect of the YANG Leadership Conference was the opportunity to network with other young and motivated aftermarket professionals,” said Norris. “I enjoyed sharing experiences with other YANG members and hearing perspectives from many different sides of the industry. I appreciate being a part of YANG because I believe its members are the future leaders of the industry.”

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